Who are we?

Healthspan Nutrition is a telehealth service.  We specialise in manipulating nutritional intake to assist clients with improving chronic health conditions including diabetes & pre-diabetes, obesity, PCOS, and chronic pain. Healthspan Nutrition can also assist with general weight loss, disordered eating, and developing healthy eating habits.

          Healthspan Nutrition focuses on improving quality of life with nutritional management by providing strategies that assist you with building new and sustainable habits.At Healthspan Nutrition, we understand everyone knows we should eat more vegetables, but there’s more to maintaining a healthy diet  than just knowing what to eat.

          If you have spent years yo-yo dieting without success, come and see us for a totally different approach to improving your dietary intake, improving your health, or achieving sustained weight loss.  We won’t ask you to rely on willpower and we’ll never ask you to give up chocolate!

Your nutrition journey doesn’t have to be something to fear……

Meet the team

Annie Kearsley-Pratt APD (Hons)

Annie has more than 10 years experience in the health field. She is a qualified and registered dietitian and nutritionist who is passionate about optimising the health of her clients. She has a special interest in weight management, heart health and diabetes management.

Cassie Forsyth APD

Cassie is a qualified dietitian and nutritionist who loves helping people. She has a special interest in healthy eating, weight management and food intolerances, including the low FODMAP diet.

You’re in control

        You choose the path you want to take. If your goal is to improve overall health, regardless of your weight on the scales, then the HAES® (health at every size) method might be the right path for you.  If you are uncomfortable at your current body weight, size and shape, then we can plan other strategies together instead. Whatever your goals, are, we will achieve them together in a holistic, sustainable way that is personalised to your lifestyle. 

Healthspan Vs Lifespan


At Healthspan Nutrition, we aim to provide an evidence-based service which is respectful of each client's needs; encompassing all facets of nutritional health.


With a focus on healthspan, not just lifespan, we want everyone to know how feeling great every day really feels.

Our motto is Upright at 80.