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Let's get healthy

Have you tried every diet to shift those last few kilos without success? Does the weight just pile back on when you stop dieting? What if we told you that you can lose weight and keep it off without ever having to eat broccoli or feel continually hungry?

Have you just been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes and need to improve your blood sugar levels?

Do you require support for managing your enteral nutrition [PEG feeds]?

Are you living with a chronic disease such as chronic kidney disease or liver disease and need help with the nutritional management to improve your symptoms?

The accredited practising dietitians at Healthspan Nutrition are here to help you achieve all your nutrition goals in a friendly, confidential and holistic environment.  We are registered providers for NDIS and offer competitive in-home services.


All dietitians at Healthspan Nutrition are accredited practising dietitians and nutritionists, registered with Dietitians Australia

Expert advice

At Healthspan Nutrition, we stay up to date with current evidence and follow and evidence-based practise. We work together with you to design strategies which suit you and your lifestyle

Personalised service

One size does not fit all.
All nutrition plans are personalised to your, and your family's, circumstances and lifestyle requirements

Our services

Medical Nutrition Therapy

We help you manage the nutritional requirements for chronic diseases including coronary disease, diabetes, heart failure, liver disease and cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease, cancer, and respiratory disorders

We can also assist you with managing digestive disorders, malnutrition & malnutrition risk

Meal Planning

Do you just want someone to tell you what to eat, instead of telling you what not to eat? We can design a meal plan that is right for you and your circumstances

Weight Loss Support

We can show you how to lose the weight and what you need to do to keep it off forever - and no, the secret is not increasing your willpower

We can even monitor your daily food intake and provide daily text support and advice

Holistic Health

Weight loss, as well as weight management and nutrition management isn't just about nutrition education. Ask us about our holistic approach to how we support you to achieving a healthier you

Our 6-week programme

Ask our friendly dietitians for more information on these friendly and supportive group sessions

Happy clients

Annie is extremely helpful and very caring. I never feel rushed with our appointments and I appreciate all her help and guidance. I love seeing Annie because I have never felt better thanks to her.
Carol Thompson
Healthspan Nutrition helped me to lose 15kg and taught me how to keep it off. I don't feel deprived and I never feel hungry.
John McIntyre
I recommend Healthspan Nutrition for help if you have diabetes. Through Cassie's guidance, I have been able to better control my blood sugar levels and even my GP is happier 🙂
Becky Baines