Are Protein Shakes a good alternative to eating a meal?

     Protein Shakes…We don’t always have time to prepare a gourmet, home-cooked meal. It’s definitely okay to take short cuts but that shouldn’t be at the expense of our health.

     A quick protein shake, low carb of course, can meet all your nutritional requirements AND taste ridiculously delicious. Plus, it’s value for money and not filled with highly processed nasties🤢.

     I like to use a beef-based vanilla protein powder (zero carbs) but feel free to use dairy or plant-based varieties🌱. I also like to add lots of ice to my shakes so that they’re thick and creamy.

     So, in a nutshell, yes, having a protein shake when you’re too busy to prepare a meal is a great swap!  Click HERE to check out the many flavour variations I’ve put together and enjoy!

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